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The fastest and easiest way to arrange training for a group.  Tell us what you need and you'll receive competitive bids from multiple providers - at no cost to you.

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"Last Minute Training has been my best discovery yet! I accidently found them online while looking for a trainer to come onsite to teach Microsoft Office applications to our staff. I was so impressed by the quality of training and exceptional customer service we received, they have been my “go to” choice for anything related to training ever since. "

It's easy, it's free and it takes one short phone call to get started.

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Eliminate repetitive telephone calls and meetings explaining the same requirements to multiple training companies.

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With over 100 training vendors in our network we'll have the training you need, in the format you need it. And if we don't have any existing training partners for the training you need, we'll go out and find some.

Our training agents book training for our clients all day, everyday. They know who to call to get the best quality and best value. Your project will benefit from start to finish from that knowledge.

Imagine receiving multiple competing training quotes - but no sales people calling up with pressure filled follow ups. You'll be delighted with our communication and commitment to your project.

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Still have questions?  Here are some answers:

What is the process?
Simple - at least your portion is.  Our training agents will have a discovery meeting with you to gather all the requirements for the project.  Then we'll match your requirements (and budget restrictions) to potential training companies in our network.  We'll gather quotes from those companies and present them to you.  From there we'll manage the entire process for you - from clarifying information, booking the training - right through all the planning stages.  We want your training session to be the best it can and we work hard to make it so.

How many quotes will I get?
This depends on two factors.  The first is the number of training providers that are qualified to quote.  The second is based on your needs.  Some clients like us to bring 5 or 6 quotes to the table and let them narrow the number down.  Others prefer that our agents use their knowledge to reduce the number of providers invited to quote.  Our agents do this every day and they know who will be competitive and who won't.

What if the potential training providers have questions?
Part of the reason for our initial discovery call is to try and minimize the time you need to spend answering questions.  However, some projects are more complex and require additional information.  In those cases we will handle the scheduling of these calls and provide access to our conference bridge so that you are not being contacted directly. 

Are your fees added to the quotation?
We do not add any surcharges or fees to any quotation we receive from training providers.  We can't guarantee that none of the quotes may have been increased by the provider to cover our booking fees. However,  this seldom happens.  In most cases we are treated as an extension of the training provider's sales and marketing costs, so the quote you get through us is no higher than you would get directly.   In many cases, because our providers know they are competing with others on our projects, we find the pricing to be slightly lower than if you had called them directly.

How long before I can expect to get the quotes?
Typically we will call you within an hour of receiving your contact request.  Then, once we ask our discovery questions we usually have quotes collected within 24 hours. 

Why do we ask for a budget before getting quotes?
For some types of training the prices offered by different training companies can vary by quite a bit.  For example, there are presentation skills trainers in our network that charge $1500 per day and others that are $6000 per day.  We like to make sure that the quotes you get are within your budget. If your budget is $2000 there is no point in getting quotes from those trainers who charge far more than that.  By knowing in advance what your budget is we can get quotes from the appropriate training providers.  We do not share your budget numbers with trainers,  nor do we get involved in the pricing - and we don't add a mark up to any quote. 

What if I've already called some training providers?
We always hope that you find us before you start calling training providers directly - after all, our service is supposed to save you that step and time.  Having said that, from time to time we do get clients who call us after they've called other providers directly.  We will need to know who you've called already so that we don't reach out to them again on your behalf.  We'll still be able to get quotes from other qualified providers.

Are you excited yet? We know - this service is awesome! Why not get started now?
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